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Web Page Monitoring

eomonitor is a web page monitoring service.

eomonitor is now ChangeDetect - monitor web page changes.

Are you the owner or operator of a growing (or slow-growth) webpage tracking service and have recently ceased providing services or are considering quitting?

ChangeDetect acquires related service offers without in a way that does not disrupt the existing subscriber base for webpage monitoring services. With ChangeDetect it is easy to converting your membership.

While ChangeDetect does not have boat-loads of dot-com dollars to offer to you, we are prepared to provide continue the life of your great idea that just did not happen to pan out as expected. Your free and paid members can find a comfy home with ChangeDetect.

The ChangeDetect team is experienced - we know web page monitoring. ChangeDetect is one of the longest running and profitable urlminder services on the net to consider when moving your existing membership.

Contact us today for details...